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What are reasons you may want to join us? Permanent upskilling is one of them for sure - here you will make your potential spark off! We provide you with competitive salary and system of bonuses. Each employee is extra-rewarded for one’s achievements and successfully accomplished project goals on a quarterly basis.

We care about the development of our employees by providing them with a substantial educational budget granted by the company every year. We’d love to see you participate in various trainings, workshops, language courses and international conferences.

Be active and stay healthy. At Predica we support you not only at work, but also after hours - the multisport and private healthcare packages are available.

What even the greatest set of individuals would be like without showing a genuine team spirit? We build it up with social events like board games, bowling or drinks. Twice a year there’s the time to wrap up our current endeavors, revise and adopt our company strategy and the goals ahead of us. Then we socialize as a team even more closely!

Flexible working hours and remote work – that’s possible here! Especially when you lead various international projects for different clients. Travel, take part and speak at conferences, become a part of our community and work just as you like (quick hint: we’re rather early birds than night owls).



If you are at the very beginning of your IT career (being a graduate or a last year student), this position is exactly for you. There are numerous training opportunities ahead, where you can gain loads of specific knowledge on our tools and working methodology. As a member of the project team, you're supported and advised by senior team members while performing your tasks.


As a specialist you're able to independently solve assigned tasks using an in-depth knowledge in the area of your specialty. Your project experience allows you to supervise the quality of work of junior team members and set their priorities. Furthermore, you're starting to take part in client meetings, prepare technical documentation and conduct training sessions.

Senior / Senior Team Lead

When you are equipped to take on new challenges and further responsibilities – there’s no single obstacle to being promoted to a Senior Team Member. You can lead smaller delivery teams, oversee technical project requirements and prepare project documentation.
When you take on team leadership, you become engaged in HR aspects of management, including performance reviews and agreeing development plans. You are a leader and a mentor to your team, overseeing their work and progress.

Principal / Principal Team Lead

Principals are active mentors to junior team members. You proactively use your knowledge and experience to develop end-to-end solutions to business problems and support the Project Owners in project delivery.
As a Principal Team Lead, it is additionally now up to you to grow your team by looking for new talents and develop your team members. You also manage subcontractor relations and support internal operations processes.


Associate Project Owner

People choosing to work in our Consulting line are heavily involved in project delivery and handling client liaison. You are responsible for managing all technical aspects of the project and are leading your first small team.

Project Owner

As a Project Owner you can independently prepare replies to the clients’ inquiries and be responsible for end-to-end project delivery. You are leading a medium-sized team and make key decisions on technological aspects of the project.

Associate Digital Advisor

You are an expert in your field and share your knowledge (technical and management) with Project Owners through training and mentoring. You are now the representative of the company in relations with our key accounts and your expertise allows you to develop new business opportunities.

Digital Advisor

You make strategic decisions, take care of the company's market position and are responsible for providing a complete service of the highest quality. Advanced business development is involved.


Dear student or graduate! Since your potential so enormously high that only the cloud may be suitable to embrace it, we’d love to have you on board for a 2-month internship program (geared toward 3-5th year students). We won’t pay you with gratitude – you’ll have the chance to be awarded with at least one Microsoft certification and take part in various international projects. After your internship is finished, your outstanding performance might get you a job offer. Interested? Do not hesitate to apply!

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